Hal9k Mod v5 Android 10

I am pleased to welcome you to my site. Thank you for your interest in my Mod.
Thank you for installing this version of Mod and i think you liked it.
If you don’t know yet what it is all about, then you will find the Mod here.

The basic version of the mod 5.0 is free. It contains the changes that were made at the time of its release. Gradually, changes are introduced into the Mod, which add new functions and correct possible errors. If you want to support my project and receive timely online updates (OTA), subscribe to them here. This is the only way to get updates for the current version.

To do this, pay the specified amount using one of the methods below. In the comments to the payment, specify the processor type (PX5, PX6, PX30), the serial number of the device and your e-mail. In response, during the day I will send you thanks and an access code that will need to be entered in the Mod settings. The code will continue to work all the time while I make updates for this version of the Mod. The code is intended only for the head unit for which it was purchased. ModInstaller Pro is a standalone product and must be purchased separately.
PayPal sends me an email that already has your registered e-mail and your device’s data. Please use the same e-mail for our correspondence.
If you have already purchased a previous version of the Mod, you can take advantage of a 30% discount to purchase a new version for the same serial number.
If you purchased the previous version of the Mod in July 2021, you can get the code for the new version for the same serial number for free.

OTA Update v5.0.2 is currently available.

If you have an access code, but the system update is not found, check the correctness of the entered code. Or write to me.
If you have an older version 3 or 4 installed, you must first install version 5, and then purchase a code to access OTA updates. To update the Android version, you can use the ModInstaller Pro application.


Hal9k Мод v5 – OTA-обновления
Тип процессора
Серийный номер

Sberbank card number: 4276080011989499
Transfer from card to card (with commission)

In case of transfer from card to card, be sure to tell me in a email which product you are purchasing, the type of processor and the serial number of the device.


Hal9k Mod v5 – OTA-updates
Processor type
Serial number

QIWI Wallet

Perhaps in the future a new free version will be released, if a new version of the stock firmware appears and I decide to do it. But I can’t promise it for sure.

In addition, you can always send me any donation by clicking on these links: